British man duped into spending $750 on a photo of an Xbox One

The 19-year old father from Bilborough, England, is understandably ticked off after spending a whopping $750 on a photo – yes, a photo – on an Xbox One gaming console. And it's not a high res image; just a simple print out.

Clatworthy attempted to buy an XBox One Day One edition console for his four year old son from what he thought was a rightful seller on eBay. The Xbox One has been released in the UK on Nov. 22, so many keen gamers had to resort to eBay to procure a Day One console. And with the new console in high demand, eBay quickly became flooded with scammers attempting to sell empty boxes to hapless gamers.

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Clatworthy acknowledges that the item was clearly listed as a "photo," but since he shopped in the video games and consoles group, he reportedly thought little of the photo talk about.

"I looked at the seller's feedback and there nothed negative," he shared with the . "I bought it there , then because I thought it was a good deal. It's evident now I've been conned out of my money."

Thankfully for Clatworthy, eBay agreed, and the seller has since been ordered to return the money.

Nevertheless, Clatworthy is surely kicking himself for the careless buy. Still possibly he can take many solace in knowing that, as the Post reports, at least 80 people placed bids on an item listed as "XBox One Day One edition retail packaging." The highest bid for this possible scam: $11,755. Yikes!

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